Selnier Vs. Termina: The Fight Becomes Clear

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Termina’s eyes flashed golden as he slashed his sword sending out a white wave of energy at Selnier. Selnier dashed forward and tore through the energy with a slash of his katana. He slashed again at Termina’s chest, but just before his sword made contact, a flash of red got in front of Termina and a warrior in red armor blocked the slash with a blade made entirely out of lightning energy. He turned his head to Termina and yelled, “Get back!” Termina jumped back and the warrior in red dashed to the left at such a speed it looked as if he warped away. Selnier looked at the two warriors and laughed to himself. So now we can bring help? Selnier dashed forward to Termina and thrust his sword forward which caught his left shoulder and cut deep into his flesh. Blood quickly soaked into the left sleeve and Termina dropped the Emblem Shield as it was now dead weight to his damaged arm.

The warrior in red stood to the side watching the two warriors as his long blond hair flowed in the wind. He drew his weapon and began to walk towards them. As he saw that Selnier was not focused on him, he extended his hand towards him and fired a large blast of lightning energy and dashed behind it. Selnier felt the light and dark energy in the area become disoriented and dashed backwards and through some boulders made from the previous energy wave to dodge the incoming blast.

The warrior in red stopped directly in front of Selnier and grinned as he slammed his palm into the ground causing seven pillars of purple fire to rise several feet into the air. Streams of black electricity connected the pillars together and then each pillar fired an electrical current at the warrior in red. Suddenly his armor turned black and got thicker. He looked to the sky with a sinister smile and dash-warped behind Selnier. He could see that Selnier couldn’t sense his location due to his new armor so he stepped forward and slashed with his electrical blade.

As the blade connected, a flash of light engulfed the arena and everything went white.

(Continued in Selnier Vs. Termina III)


The Last Farewell

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Sunlight loomed over the horizon as Termina sat with the rest of the members of the S.S.S. on Lucious’ Grave. The five of them sat side by side on the edge of the cliff as they looked out to the Dead Sea. Termina looked over to Lord Kazu, who was sitting beside Ichigo, caressing her hand, and smiled. He then looked to Yuka, who was sitting beside him and Trenth Abycross, and grabbed her hand as he turned his head back to the water.

Kazu was wearing a pair of blue pants, no shirt, and a sword on his back. He was the tallest of the group. His hair was blond and it ran down his back in the form of a ponytail. His eyes were greenish blue. Ichigo was three inches shorter than Kazu. She had red hair that ran midway down her back and she had dark brown eyes. She wore a red, white, and black silk dress that had the design of cherry blossoms on it. Yuka wore a pair of green shorts and a green shirt. She had silky green hair that ran down right passed her shoulders and she had shining green eyes. She was the second shortest out of them. Trenth wore a red overcoat  and a black button up shirt with black pants. He had blond hair that ran down his back in a braided ponytail. He also had white wings on his back to symbolize him being an angel. Termina had a gray armored tunic, brown exploration boots, black gauntlets, and a sword along with his Emblem Shield on his back. He was shortest in the group. His hair was a silver gray and his eyes were a shining red.

Termina turned back to Lord Kazu. “Hey Kazu? What is going to happen now?”

Lord Kazu looked out to the sea with a sigh. “That I’m not sure of, though I do know that even if we shall never meet again…We shall always have these memories left within our hearts”

A smile formed on Ichigo’s face as she nodded in agreement. Trenth looked up to the sky as a tear fell down his left cheek. Yuka looked over at Termina. Termina stood up and took a step back. Kazu immediately got up as well and turned to face Termina. “Termina, lend me your sword.” Termina looked shocked but still gave him the sword that was on his back. Kazu then turned around and tossed the sword off of the cliff and handed Termina the one that was on his back. “Here, don’t ask questions for some things need no answer…you deserve this for you have proven yourself truly worth of the title “Hero”.”

Termina took the blade and smiled as he placed it on his back. Yuka got up and joined the two of them as she stood beside Termina. Kazu then smiled one last time as Ichigo grabbed his hand and the two of them waved good bye as they parted from the group. Trenth walked over and gave Yuka and Termina a hug just before he spread his wings and flew into the clouds just off of the cliff.  Yuka looked at Termina and smiled as the two of them walked in the opposite direction as Kazu and Ichigo went before.

The wind blew and the essence of the group lingered on in the area for years to come: The scent of fresh fruit from Ichigo. The smell of flowers and nature from Yuka. The lust for battle and friendship born from the rivalry between Kazu and Termina. The goodness and grace flooding the area from the majestic aura given off by Trenth.  The sunlight smiled upon the land as dusk hit the cliff of Lucious’ Grave for the final time.

Selnier Vs. Termina

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Termina and Selnier enter the arena from opposite ends. Selnier’s eyes glowed through the darkness of his hood as he manipulated the darkness to form a black katana in his right hand. He wore a solid black trench coat with a black hood that covered his entire face in shadows and black shoes.  He then walked to the center of the arena to meet his foe. He looked to the sky and chuckled to himself as he clenched his sword tightly and then looked towards his opponent. A slight breeze blew which moved his hood slightly, but still keeping his face hidden in shadow.

Termina stepped to the center of the arena to meet Selnier. Termina wore a gray-armored tunic with brown exploration boots and black gauntlets. His hair was a gray-silver and his eyes were a shining red.  He stared into the darkness of his hood trying to make out what his face looked like. On his left arm was the Emblem Shield and the legendary blade that once belonged to the great Lord Kazu was clenched in his right hand. Shadows covered his eyes but Selnier could see a smirk.

As Selnier turned around, a loud roar of thunder signaled the start of the match. Termina swung his sword with a vertical slash at Selnier’s back. Selnier heard the foot step and the direction of the air parting as he raised his left hand behind his head and manipulated the light in the area to act as a glove while he caught the sword. He slowly turned around and laughed with no emotion. With a flick of his wrist he slashed his katana at Termina’s stomach and hit a sheet of elven made armor. Termina’s eyes flashed green and he warped six feet back and got into a battle stance.

Selnier dashed forward and slashed his katana horizontally again as Termina back flipped and pulled out a bow. He pulled back the string and an arrow of light formed. He released and the arrow was sent flying at Selnier’s chest. Selnier pivoted to the left and watched the arrow fly by. Termina took this opportunity and slashed at Selnier’s legs. Selnier saw the slash from the corner of his eye and quickly leaped over Termina and slashed downward at his head. Termina raised his shield to deflect the attack and retaliated with a slash of his own. Selnier made the light glove again and grabbed Termina’s sword before it struck him while he flipped and landed to the right of Termina. Both of them jumped in the opposite direction and spun around to face each other as Termina got into his battle stance and Selnier rested his katana at his side provoking an attack.

(continued in Selnier Vs. Termina Part 2)

A walk inside

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A small snow owl hooted just as it took flight from the branch of a tall pine tree. Three bark chips fell to the ground directly in front of Selnier as he stepped onto the fresh coat of powdered ice. He looked around and gazed at the scenery of the forest which surrounded him. There were only pine trees and an occasional bush. Snow was everywhere and the animals were all in hibernation. The ground sparkled from the reflection of the sun’s light.  Everything was peaceful and there was only silence apart from the single hoot of the owl.

Selnier turned his head to the left and sighed as he began walking into the frozen forest. His eyes began shifting around quickly to make sure there were no enemies nearby and soon noticed that there were no shadows from anything except himself. He figured that something sinister was at work, he held out his left hand and manifested the light in the area into a white and silver katana. As he rested the sword by his side he began to walk deeper into the trees. Everything soon began to start bunching together and the snow became heavier as the air got colder.

“This is most certainly the effects of tearing through the boundaries. Soon they will come”, Selnier said to himself as he traversed deeper.

Suddenly a sharp laugh was heard, shattering the peaceful silence of the cold, frozen land. Selnier shot to the left after the laughter. He searched frantically for the source but all that he saw were trees and snow. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath, but at that moment a burst of cold air struck him from behind. He spun around to find a woman with silvery blue hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and a silvery white dress and smiled as she held a five and a half  foot long spear with a blade on the end made entirely of ice. She stood five feet tall. She looked at him and laughed a very cold laugh as she looked to the sky.

“Isn’t the cold wonderful? So majestic and pure? I think so. It has a certain…feel to it wouldn’t you say? I sure hope nothing bad happens while you roam my forest. It would be rather unfortunate for my snow to be tainted with the corpse of someone so vile”, She said sharply as frozen skeletons began to appear in the snow. She laughed again before vanishing back into the frost.

Selnier turned around to find that he was nowhere near the path, in fact, he wasn’t even in the same forest. He was now standing in front of a cabin deep within another forest that was colder and even more frozen then the last one. He walked inside to find that it was fully furnished with no people living there. He sat by the fireplace and looked deep within the flames.

“This is going to be interesting to say the least…..”

(Continues in the next chapter)


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Selnier is a warrior from a forgotten race that lives deep within the darkness of “Broken Bonds”, A region located deep in the heart of the forgotten land. He travels the world searching for an existence that was taken from him when he split the barrier of reality during the ritual for creating false life. He is always seen covered by a large trench coat that is usually black and his face is covered by a black hood. He is also usually seen carrying a small black book with him though only he knows what it’s content are. His abilities are shrouded in mystery, but the only certainty is that he commands both light and darkness to an unrivaled extent.