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A Bond to Mend

Posted in The Termina Chronicles on December 15, 2010 by cdickens97

“Where have you gone to, my friend?” a voice asked from a pitch black room inside of the old ruins of Lucious’ Grave. The voice had the tone of a young man, late teens, muscular build. A small torch revealed a corner of the room that was covered in webs and was crawling with large hairy arachnids. A loud pounding was heard from above. It sounded like tiny soldiers marching off to war. A door opened, flooding the room with light which revealed a small room covered in dust. There was a torn up bed, three wooden chests, and a mirror. Everything else was shattered into hundreds of shards and covered in dust.

A young man wearing  an armored tunic stepped outside to find storm clouds covering the sky and flooding the land in a powerful storm. The winds blew strong enough to where the young man had to run back into the room he was just in. What is going on here? This place is supposed to sealed from the laws of the natural world. Why is it raining? The man turned around suddenly as the door burst open and a warrior in red armor stepped into the room.

“It has been a while Termina. Fifteen years if I am correct.” The warrior in red said calmly as he approached Termina. “It’s me, Kazu. Though now I go by the name of Blaze, you may still call me Kazu…just not in public.” Blaze said as he sat on the old torn up mattress.

Termina was silent and his eyes were in shock as he stood in the center of the room staring at him. He balled his hand into a fist and then opened it again. He sat in the exact spot where he was standing. “Where is everyone else?” Termina asked quietly. Blaze placed his hand to his ear to show that he couldn’t hear him. “Where is everyone else!” Termina said angrily. “They all said that they were going to travel with you on some quest while I stayed back to protect these ruins!” Blaze looked at Termina and laughed. “Why are you so mad? This area was dangerous so they are waiting back in Korgranth Inn for us”

Termina shot up and grabbed Kazu’s old sword and his Emblem Shield from the chest in front of the bed. They both went out into the rain to find the entire area swarming with creatures from Aurgoh’s Military. Termina drew his sword and looked at Blaze. He nodded and they dashed towards the enemies.

( To be continued in the next chapter of The Termina Chronicles)


The Last Farewell

Posted in The Termina Chronicles on December 6, 2010 by cdickens97

Sunlight loomed over the horizon as Termina sat with the rest of the members of the S.S.S. on Lucious’ Grave. The five of them sat side by side on the edge of the cliff as they looked out to the Dead Sea. Termina looked over to Lord Kazu, who was sitting beside Ichigo, caressing her hand, and smiled. He then looked to Yuka, who was sitting beside him and Trenth Abycross, and grabbed her hand as he turned his head back to the water.

Kazu was wearing a pair of blue pants, no shirt, and a sword on his back. He was the tallest of the group. His hair was blond and it ran down his back in the form of a ponytail. His eyes were greenish blue. Ichigo was three inches shorter than Kazu. She had red hair that ran midway down her back and she had dark brown eyes. She wore a red, white, and black silk dress that had the design of cherry blossoms on it. Yuka wore a pair of green shorts and a green shirt. She had silky green hair that ran down right passed her shoulders and she had shining green eyes. She was the second shortest out of them. Trenth wore a red overcoat  and a black button up shirt with black pants. He had blond hair that ran down his back in a braided ponytail. He also had white wings on his back to symbolize him being an angel. Termina had a gray armored tunic, brown exploration boots, black gauntlets, and a sword along with his Emblem Shield on his back. He was shortest in the group. His hair was a silver gray and his eyes were a shining red.

Termina turned back to Lord Kazu. “Hey Kazu? What is going to happen now?”

Lord Kazu looked out to the sea with a sigh. “That I’m not sure of, though I do know that even if we shall never meet again…We shall always have these memories left within our hearts”

A smile formed on Ichigo’s face as she nodded in agreement. Trenth looked up to the sky as a tear fell down his left cheek. Yuka looked over at Termina. Termina stood up and took a step back. Kazu immediately got up as well and turned to face Termina. “Termina, lend me your sword.” Termina looked shocked but still gave him the sword that was on his back. Kazu then turned around and tossed the sword off of the cliff and handed Termina the one that was on his back. “Here, don’t ask questions for some things need no answer…you deserve this for you have proven yourself truly worth of the title “Hero”.”

Termina took the blade and smiled as he placed it on his back. Yuka got up and joined the two of them as she stood beside Termina. Kazu then smiled one last time as Ichigo grabbed his hand and the two of them waved good bye as they parted from the group. Trenth walked over and gave Yuka and Termina a hug just before he spread his wings and flew into the clouds just off of the cliff.  Yuka looked at Termina and smiled as the two of them walked in the opposite direction as Kazu and Ichigo went before.

The wind blew and the essence of the group lingered on in the area for years to come: The scent of fresh fruit from Ichigo. The smell of flowers and nature from Yuka. The lust for battle and friendship born from the rivalry between Kazu and Termina. The goodness and grace flooding the area from the majestic aura given off by Trenth.  The sunlight smiled upon the land as dusk hit the cliff of Lucious’ Grave for the final time.