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Trapped part 2

Posted in Selnier and the Frozen Wasteland on February 29, 2012 by cdickens97

After fighting for what felt like hours, Selnier had finally slain the beings.

“Death reapers….”, he mumbled to himself as he watched the bodies burst into black and purple flames. He placed his hood back upon his head, once again hiding his face behind the shadows. He turned towards her and then turned to the east. “Don’t follow…”, he said in a quiet tone as he headed into the ice.

That girl is strange but if I escape from here I will have to thank her somehow. He thought this as he hacked his way through several Death Reapers and a frost corpse trio. The thought of the dead bodies of warriors who are frozen solid could attack slightly worried Selnier and it showed by how uneven his footsteps became. Everything blurred as he raced through the white demon he was trapped within, searching only for the ruins that Crystal mentioned before they parted ways.

“He lives in the palace under the ice. The only way to get there would be to travel to and get through the Ruins of Goran. They are located east from here, in the heart of this frozen wasteland, but beware for as you get closer to the ruins you will find many dangers and ruthless beasts who want nothing more than to consume your flesh.”

Selnier stopped abruptly as he broke the seemingly endless chain of frost and came to a large clearing. He stood without movement as he gazed at the massive structure which loomed above him. The stone was worn from time and it was covered in moss and vines. Most interesting to him was that the temple-like structure hadn’t a single flake of snow or ice of any sort on it. He stood a few moments more and then ran to the entrance of the temple.

This is it. These must be the Ruins of Goran. Finally, I can leave this place. He thought to himself as he entered the shadowy abyss that lay before him.



Posted in Selnier and the Frozen Wasteland on December 20, 2010 by cdickens97

“It has been four days since I saw her”, Selnier said to himself as he hopped over a frozen creek just a few miles south of the cabin. The temperature had dropped several degrees in the past few days and even the ice was slowly gaining a second coat. All of the trees were now encased in crystal and were blinding from the rays above. Several creatures lay dead in the banks of snow. Most were torn open or apart, though were now frozen from being in the open for so long.

Selnier stopped in front of a large corpse that lay torn to shreds. He walked around to examine what he could, but all he could make out was its head. It had large pointed ears, a large skull, and by the small chunk of skin left it had light fur. This is most certainly a Snow Zshar, but, what creature has the strength, speed, agility, and intellect to take down this beast in its own territory? Selnier thought these things to himself as he cautiously traveled deeper into the ice.

Several miles into the cold, a sharp wind began to blow and a shrill laugh pierced the wind as the maiden appeared before Selnier once more. This time her hair was a shining blue along with her eyes, her skin pale, and her dress had become a darker shade of blue. Selnier was starting to channel the darkness to form his black katana when he noticed that she did not have her weapon with her.

“Who are you exactly?” Selnier asked. “What is this place? How is it that a Snow Zshar was killed in this weather when they are at their most powerful here. The only thing more powerful in the cold than a Snow Zshar is either an insanely skilled warrior or a Ragnarok and I have my doubts about the former.”

The maiden sighed and looked to the sky. “This place…it’s a curse. This entire forest is a prison built to kill off the weak, trap the strong, and eliminate the dangerous. There is no way out for once you come close to the edge you will be warped back to the first cabin you stepped in without you ever realizing it. My name is Crystal, last of the warriors of Korgranth”, she said as she chuckled a bit. “Funny I know as this entire place is covered in ice. Seriously though, this place is crawling with Death Reapers all under the command of a man who calls himself The Lord of Frozen Flames.”

Selnier’s hood flew off and his long silver hair danced in the freezing wind. He shot a glare at her and his eyes glowed a deep red as he used the darkness in his soul to melt the snow around them and put up a small barrier to protect them. “Where does this Lord reside?”

Crystal looked at him and pointed down. “He lives in the palace under the ice. The only way to get there would be to travel to and get through the Ruins of Goran. They are located east from here, in the heart of this frozen wasteland, but beware for as you get closer to the ruins you will find many dangers and ruthless beasts who want nothing more than to consume your flesh.”

Selnier put down the barrier and nodded as he turned around to find several figures wielding flaming swords and draped in black cloaks standing behind him. He summoned his black katana by manipulating the darkness within his heart and dashed towards the beings….

(To be continued in the next chapter in Selnier and the Frozen Wasteland)

A walk inside

Posted in Selnier and the Frozen Wasteland on December 4, 2010 by cdickens97

A small snow owl hooted just as it took flight from the branch of a tall pine tree. Three bark chips fell to the ground directly in front of Selnier as he stepped onto the fresh coat of powdered ice. He looked around and gazed at the scenery of the forest which surrounded him. There were only pine trees and an occasional bush. Snow was everywhere and the animals were all in hibernation. The ground sparkled from the reflection of the sun’s light.¬† Everything was peaceful and there was only silence apart from the single hoot of the owl.

Selnier turned his head to the left and sighed as he began walking into the frozen forest. His eyes began shifting around quickly to make sure there were no enemies nearby and soon noticed that there were no shadows from anything except himself. He figured that something sinister was at work, he held out his left hand and manifested the light in the area into a white and silver katana. As he rested the sword by his side he began to walk deeper into the trees. Everything soon began to start bunching together and the snow became heavier as the air got colder.

“This is most certainly the effects of tearing through the boundaries. Soon they will come”, Selnier said to himself as he traversed deeper.

Suddenly a sharp laugh was heard, shattering the peaceful silence of the cold, frozen land. Selnier shot to the left after the laughter. He searched frantically for the source but all that he saw were trees and snow. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath, but at that moment a burst of cold air struck him from behind. He spun around to find a woman with silvery blue hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and a silvery white dress and smiled as she held a five and a half  foot long spear with a blade on the end made entirely of ice. She stood five feet tall. She looked at him and laughed a very cold laugh as she looked to the sky.

“Isn’t the cold wonderful? So majestic and pure? I think so. It has a certain…feel to it wouldn’t you say? I sure hope nothing bad happens while you roam my forest. It would be rather unfortunate for my snow to be tainted with the corpse of someone so vile”, She said sharply as frozen skeletons began to appear in the snow. She laughed again before vanishing back into the frost.

Selnier turned around to find that he was nowhere near the path, in fact, he wasn’t even in the same forest. He was now standing in front of a cabin deep within another forest that was colder and even more frozen then the last one. He walked inside to find that it was fully furnished with no people living there. He sat by the fireplace and looked deep within the flames.

“This is going to be interesting to say the least…..”

(Continues in the next chapter)