Trapped part 2

After fighting for what felt like hours, Selnier had finally slain the beings.

“Death reapers….”, he mumbled to himself as he watched the bodies burst into black and purple flames. He placed his hood back upon his head, once again hiding his face behind the shadows. He turned towards her and then turned to the east. “Don’t follow…”, he said in a quiet tone as he headed into the ice.

That girl is strange but if I escape from here I will have to thank her somehow. He thought this as he hacked his way through several Death Reapers and a frost corpse trio. The thought of the dead bodies of warriors who are frozen solid could attack slightly worried Selnier and it showed by how uneven his footsteps became. Everything blurred as he raced through the white demon he was trapped within, searching only for the ruins that Crystal mentioned before they parted ways.

“He lives in the palace under the ice. The only way to get there would be to travel to and get through the Ruins of Goran. They are located east from here, in the heart of this frozen wasteland, but beware for as you get closer to the ruins you will find many dangers and ruthless beasts who want nothing more than to consume your flesh.”

Selnier stopped abruptly as he broke the seemingly endless chain of frost and came to a large clearing. He stood without movement as he gazed at the massive structure which loomed above him. The stone was worn from time and it was covered in moss and vines. Most interesting to him was that the temple-like structure hadn’t a single flake of snow or ice of any sort on it. He stood a few moments more and then ran to the entrance of the temple.

This is it. These must be the Ruins of Goran. Finally, I can leave this place. He thought to himself as he entered the shadowy abyss that lay before him.


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