Why Does the Wind Blow?

It’s been several weeks since The Shade Cult killed those people in the outskirts. Police have scanned the streets hundreds upon thousands of times and they have found no traces of either The Shade Cult or the notorious Grey Wig. Civilians have been urged to stay off the streets and away from dark alleys, as well as had a curfew placed for 8 pm.  All children are required to be inside a home and behind locked doors within an hour of curfew. Officials have called in an investigator to handle the matter and bring these criminals to justice.

“Mario Stravinsky! I haven’t seen you in nearly seven years. They called a stick in the mud like you to handle this? Ha! Well at least they know talent when they see it”, Luigi said from his side of the large oak desk as he extended his hand over a coffee mug to shake Mario’s hand. Mario shook it firmly and glanced out the window.

Rain poured heavily against the glass and several cars rushed passed. A man in a dark coat ran into a bar across the street. Mario looked to the other side of the room and a light flashed. An image of a demented zombie-like clown was in the corner. Mario shot up while pulling out a 9mm handgun and Luigi gave him a confused look.

“What is it, old chap? See a ghost?” Luigi asked jokingly.

Mario rubbed his eyes and looked back at the corner. There was nothing there except an old file cabinet and a fax machine. Mario fell back into his chair and sighed,”I thought I saw her again Luigi. I thought I saw The Jester!”

Luigi stood and got Mario a glass of red wine. He poured himself a glass and sat down. “Mario, The Jester has been dead for three years now. You shot her point blank between the eyes, with that very gun I might add! The Jester is gone. I know she made a huge mess but it’s over now. Do you think that your wife would want you to stay in this constant state of grieving?” Luigi said as he pointed to a large portrait of Stravinsky with his arms wrapped around a beautiful blonde haired woman in blue jeans and a pink top.

Luigi then turned on a fan to let the air circulate. The breeze hit Mario gently and he cracked a slight smile. “I guess that answers the question. Why the wind blows? It brings new hope, but enough on that. We need to-”

Just then Mario’s phone rang. He answered and stood up quickly. “Really? I’ll be there in twenty!” He hung up the phone and turned to Luigi,”We just got a lead. I’ll give you all the info, and we will move from there”

Luigi nodded and Mario Stravinsky rushed out the door.


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