Selnier Vs. Termina 3

As the flash dimmed and revealed the now destroyed battlefield, Selnier and the warrior were locked in a clash of swords. The warrior had his electric blade pressed against Selnier’s black katana and was pushing his weight down against Selnier. The warrior had some sort of mechanical advantage as he was putting more and force into the push with each passing second. Selnier closed his eyes and continued to push, though the trembling that his arms were now doing signified that he was indeed getting weary and could not hold up much longer.

As more strength was placed into the clash, Selnier thought quickly and brought the tip of his blade towards the ground which caused the warrior’s blade to drive into the dirt which allowed Selnier to bring his sword up and around for a counter slash before the warrior would have time to recover his sword and retaliate. Selnier’s sword connected and tore through the warrior’s armor and ripped out many wires and spilled tons of blood. The warrior fell and vanished for when you die in the arena you are sent back to the world and time in which you came.

Selnier turned around and faced Termina once more, who was now emitting a dark purple black aura and his sword was a shining black and red. Selnier snarled as he swung his sword and sent out a huge black wave of energy at Termina. Termina walked forward into the blast as it charged directly into him. The impact left a blinding flash and when it was over, Termina was standing with his arms at his side and didn’t have a single scratch.

Selnier got a serious look on his face when he saw him in the cloud of dust. Exactly what is this kid? Selnier thought this to himself as he began to channel the light and darkness within his heart into a single sword. The black katana suddenly grew a second blade beside the first one, only this time the blade was a silver so bright it was blinding to any eye that has darkness within the host. His coat got a darker shade of black and the hood vanished revealing Selnier’s face. His eyes were now silver and his skin ghostly with silver hair running just beyond  shoulder length resembling a beautiful spirit.

A look of anger formed on his face. “This kid…”, Selnier said to himself as the new blade became complete. He warped behind Termina and slashed at his back. Termina dashed forward as the slash began to dodge and turned around laughing. This laugh was not a laugh of humor but more a laugh of ridicule as Termina turned his sword to the side and showed that is was covered in blood. Selnier looked down to find that he had been impaled  and slashed by Termina’s sword several times throughout his body.

(To be continued in Selnier Vs. Termina IV)


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