Selnier Vs. Termina: The Fight Becomes Clear

Termina’s eyes flashed golden as he slashed his sword sending out a white wave of energy at Selnier. Selnier dashed forward and tore through the energy with a slash of his katana. He slashed again at Termina’s chest, but just before his sword made contact, a flash of red got in front of Termina and a warrior in red armor blocked the slash with a blade made entirely out of lightning energy. He turned his head to Termina and yelled, “Get back!” Termina jumped back and the warrior in red dashed to the left at such a speed it looked as if he warped away. Selnier looked at the two warriors and laughed to himself. So now we can bring help? Selnier dashed forward to Termina and thrust his sword forward which caught his left shoulder and cut deep into his flesh. Blood quickly soaked into the left sleeve and Termina dropped the Emblem Shield as it was now dead weight to his damaged arm.

The warrior in red stood to the side watching the two warriors as his long blond hair flowed in the wind. He drew his weapon and began to walk towards them. As he saw that Selnier was not focused on him, he extended his hand towards him and fired a large blast of lightning energy and dashed behind it. Selnier felt the light and dark energy in the area become disoriented and dashed backwards and through some boulders made from the previous energy wave to dodge the incoming blast.

The warrior in red stopped directly in front of Selnier and grinned as he slammed his palm into the ground causing seven pillars of purple fire to rise several feet into the air. Streams of black electricity connected the pillars together and then each pillar fired an electrical current at the warrior in red. Suddenly his armor turned black and got thicker. He looked to the sky with a sinister smile and dash-warped behind Selnier. He could see that Selnier couldn’t sense his location due to his new armor so he stepped forward and slashed with his electrical blade.

As the blade connected, a flash of light engulfed the arena and everything went white.

(Continued in Selnier Vs. Termina III)


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