Selnier Vs. Termina

Termina and Selnier enter the arena from opposite ends. Selnier’s eyes glowed through the darkness of his hood as he manipulated the darkness to form a black katana in his right hand. He wore a solid black trench coat with a black hood that covered his entire face in shadows and black shoes.  He then walked to the center of the arena to meet his foe. He looked to the sky and chuckled to himself as he clenched his sword tightly and then looked towards his opponent. A slight breeze blew which moved his hood slightly, but still keeping his face hidden in shadow.

Termina stepped to the center of the arena to meet Selnier. Termina wore a gray-armored tunic with brown exploration boots and black gauntlets. His hair was a gray-silver and his eyes were a shining red.  He stared into the darkness of his hood trying to make out what his face looked like. On his left arm was the Emblem Shield and the legendary blade that once belonged to the great Lord Kazu was clenched in his right hand. Shadows covered his eyes but Selnier could see a smirk.

As Selnier turned around, a loud roar of thunder signaled the start of the match. Termina swung his sword with a vertical slash at Selnier’s back. Selnier heard the foot step and the direction of the air parting as he raised his left hand behind his head and manipulated the light in the area to act as a glove while he caught the sword. He slowly turned around and laughed with no emotion. With a flick of his wrist he slashed his katana at Termina’s stomach and hit a sheet of elven made armor. Termina’s eyes flashed green and he warped six feet back and got into a battle stance.

Selnier dashed forward and slashed his katana horizontally again as Termina back flipped and pulled out a bow. He pulled back the string and an arrow of light formed. He released and the arrow was sent flying at Selnier’s chest. Selnier pivoted to the left and watched the arrow fly by. Termina took this opportunity and slashed at Selnier’s legs. Selnier saw the slash from the corner of his eye and quickly leaped over Termina and slashed downward at his head. Termina raised his shield to deflect the attack and retaliated with a slash of his own. Selnier made the light glove again and grabbed Termina’s sword before it struck him while he flipped and landed to the right of Termina. Both of them jumped in the opposite direction and spun around to face each other as Termina got into his battle stance and Selnier rested his katana at his side provoking an attack.

(continued in Selnier Vs. Termina Part 2)


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