A walk inside

A small snow owl hooted just as it took flight from the branch of a tall pine tree. Three bark chips fell to the ground directly in front of Selnier as he stepped onto the fresh coat of powdered ice. He looked around and gazed at the scenery of the forest which surrounded him. There were only pine trees and an occasional bush. Snow was everywhere and the animals were all in hibernation. The ground sparkled from the reflection of the sun’s light.  Everything was peaceful and there was only silence apart from the single hoot of the owl.

Selnier turned his head to the left and sighed as he began walking into the frozen forest. His eyes began shifting around quickly to make sure there were no enemies nearby and soon noticed that there were no shadows from anything except himself. He figured that something sinister was at work, he held out his left hand and manifested the light in the area into a white and silver katana. As he rested the sword by his side he began to walk deeper into the trees. Everything soon began to start bunching together and the snow became heavier as the air got colder.

“This is most certainly the effects of tearing through the boundaries. Soon they will come”, Selnier said to himself as he traversed deeper.

Suddenly a sharp laugh was heard, shattering the peaceful silence of the cold, frozen land. Selnier shot to the left after the laughter. He searched frantically for the source but all that he saw were trees and snow. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath, but at that moment a burst of cold air struck him from behind. He spun around to find a woman with silvery blue hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and a silvery white dress and smiled as she held a five and a half  foot long spear with a blade on the end made entirely of ice. She stood five feet tall. She looked at him and laughed a very cold laugh as she looked to the sky.

“Isn’t the cold wonderful? So majestic and pure? I think so. It has a certain…feel to it wouldn’t you say? I sure hope nothing bad happens while you roam my forest. It would be rather unfortunate for my snow to be tainted with the corpse of someone so vile”, She said sharply as frozen skeletons began to appear in the snow. She laughed again before vanishing back into the frost.

Selnier turned around to find that he was nowhere near the path, in fact, he wasn’t even in the same forest. He was now standing in front of a cabin deep within another forest that was colder and even more frozen then the last one. He walked inside to find that it was fully furnished with no people living there. He sat by the fireplace and looked deep within the flames.

“This is going to be interesting to say the least…..”

(Continues in the next chapter)


2 Responses to “A walk inside”

  1. Really good man. A couple of little grammatical things is all I could really pick out. Solid story, your picturesque language is really effective here, and I look forward to the next chapter. Haha. Good stuff bro, keep it up.

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