Selnier is a warrior from a forgotten race that lives deep within the darkness of “Broken Bonds”, A region located deep in the heart of the forgotten land. He travels the world searching for an existence that was taken from him when he split the barrier of reality during the ritual for creating false life. He is always seen covered by a large trench coat that is usually black and his face is covered by a black hood. He is also usually seen carrying a small black book with him though only he knows what it’s content are. His abilities are shrouded in mystery, but the only certainty is that he commands both light and darkness to an unrivaled extent.



One Response to “Selnier”

  1. Jello Person Says:

    This was a great story so far! Only suggestion that I have is to remove the falling snow from the website because it is a bit distracting. Other than that good job buddy ^_^

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